LMHV stands for cultural tradition in all its quality forms. This means artwork created using the long established techniques of painting in oils, sketching in construction of an image and a quest for subject matter that reflects the deep and lasting values of human culture. This website showcases some of LMHV’s artworks produced in studio in Cape Town – that cultural hub and melting pot at the tip of the African continent. Some of the work describes the lives and customs of the Xhosa people who live in the Cape, such as their traditional beer drinking gatherings when they honour their ancestors. Others display a deep understanding of the meaning of those Nomadic groups who continue to cling to their ancient lifeways, moving across the Arctic in their furs, or living in their yurts in Mongolia. And some simply capture those all too fleeting moments that we share in Western culture – yet often go unreflected upon as part of our cultural traditions – such as the rituals surrounding the taking of tea together or a quiet moment in that most quintessential of Western cultural environs – the garden. This is a rare and privileged glimpse into the private life and artwork of one of the few remaining great traditionalists – whose accomplishments far exceed the scope of this tribute.